broken handling of properly quoted relative paths

Kent Gibson warthog618 at
Fri Jun 22 10:46:11 BST 2007

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Hi Martin,

Actually shell is doing the unquoting without you realising it - not
the other tools.
~> find -type d -and -name .bzr -printf "%h\n" | xargs -n1 -i{} ls \"{}\"
ls: "./": No such file or directory

Or is ls broken too?


Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> Am Freitag 22 Juni 2007 schrieb Kent Gibson:
>> Hi Martin,
>> This is not a bzr problem.
>> Quoting is a shell solution to a shell problem (working around
>> the fact that shell uses spaces to separate arguments). The
>> problem you have here is that you are quoting an argument that
>> doesn't require quoting.
> Hello Kent!
> Well I found out that the argument doesn't require quoting in the
> meanwhile. But as all of the shell commands and tools I know of
> accept quoted arguments I suggest that bzr does so, too. Its just
> really confusing otherwise. At least bzr is called as a command
> from a shell and thus IMHO it would be good if it behaves like
> being one - despite the fact that it is a Python application. It
> good support those unquoted arguments as well. All it would have to
>  do is to remove the quotes from the argument before processing it
>  when they are there.
> Regards,
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