[MERGE] Better progress reporting in commit

Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at internode.on.net
Wed Jun 20 05:00:22 BST 2007

John Arbash Meinel wrote:
> You again sent a bundle which cannot be applied without more context. So I'm
> unable to just "bzr merge bundle". I did apply the patch directly (patch -p0 <
> bundle). And I can say I like the reporter.

Try this time. Chatting with Aaron on IRC, it looks like it was a timing
issue with a PQM submission where your branch didn't have the necessary
bit accepted either shortly before or shortly after you tried.

> The other comment is that there is only 1 blank space between class-level entries:


>      def _report_deletes(self):
> All these have one too many spaces between them.
> I sort of feel like the testing is a little light in this, since it isn't
> checking what messages are actually generated.

Done now.

> Also, this seems to report exactly the same information when I do "bzr commit
> -q" and that used to suppress the messages. so you should be checking
> 'bzrlib.trace.is_quiet()'.

I didn't actually break anything here - it's been this way for some
time. For commit right now, -q doesn't work but --no-verbose does.
Chatting with lifeless and abentley on IRC, I'll put this through as a
separate fix later. At a minimum, we need to decide whether -q should
have a blanket impact on progress bars or not before I do that.

New bundle attached. FWIW, I get exactly the same bundle if I make my
local bzr.dev the base, and my local bzr.dev is up to date (via pull)
with the public trunk.

A diff with just today's changes attached as well.

Ian C.
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