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Aaron Bentley aaron.bentley at utoronto.ca
Mon Jun 18 20:08:12 BST 2007

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John Arbash Meinel wrote:
> Erik Bågfors wrote:
>> On 6/18/07, Michael Hudson <michael.hudson at canonical.com> wrote:

>>> Using dot or similar?  That occurred to me to.
>> If you do this, do you think it would be possible to create a bzr
>> plugin easily that creates this visualization to a file.  Basically,
>> on my Mac, I don't have bzr viz installed at all, but I would love to
>> be able to create some other way of visualizing branches.
>> Doc/Graphviz would be perfect for it.
>> /Erik
> If you have bzrtools installed you have "bzr graph-ancestry" Which will
> generate .png, or .html (which uses a .png and an HTML map).
> However it:
> 1) Always graphs the whole ancestry, which for bzr is 14k revisions

Not anymore.  It currently defaults to revisions whose distance from
root is no less than 100 less than the current revision's.  That is if
the current revision's distance is 500, revisions less than 400 steps
away from the root are not shown.

> 2) This makes the png renderer die if the ancestry is too big

This doesn't happen anymore because of the distance restriction.

> 3) Shows all merges, whereas 'bzr viz' uses a different algorithm to
> ignore "uninteresting" merges.

OTOH, graph-ancestry ignores uninteresting *revisions* by default.

> 4) Can also be used to show 2 ancestries, and will color code based on
> what is common, versus what is in left/right and even show the merge base.

And in the latest code, it will show border ancestors and the new merge
base, if you have the right API available.

> It can be useful, the #1 problem is just (1). Having a way to say "bzr
> graph-ancestry -r OLD..NEW" would probably make it very useful.

We could probably do that, too.

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