Put Bazaar behind a password

Jason Merrill jason.merrill at yale.edu
Sat Jun 16 16:47:40 BST 2007

On 6/14/07, John Arbash Meinel <john at arbash-meinel.com> wrote:

> Don't forget to "Reply to All" so people can follow along on the mailing list.

My mistake.  I was using gmane, but it wouldn't let me post because of
some problem with more than 80 characters on a line, so I switched
over to a mail program and screwed up the reply.  Perhaps, since gmane
is smart enough to detect too many characters per line, it should
offer to rewrap them for me.  I'm sure this is the wrong forum for
such a general complaint.

> Since you are going to a windows machine it should be:
> bzr log sftp://user@domain.edu/c:/path/to/repository
> For sftp you can also use:
> bzr log sftp://user@domain.edu/~/repository
> Which means relative to the home directory.

Awesome!  This works:

bzr log sftp://user@domain.edu/~/repository

> Also, the "bzr: not found" error. That is Windows telling us that it cannot
> find "bzr" in the search path. Try doing "ssh host" and then "bzr --version".
> Most likely that won't work, but if it does, the next step is to try:

Indeed this does not work.  However, if I move to the directory that
contains bzr.exe, it sort of works, except it complains about some
permission problems.  I'm going to put sorting all this out on the
back burner for now.

I've yet to try the apache smart server, but probably will soon.


Jason Merrill

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