[RFC] Bundles as repositories

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Fri Jun 15 08:04:43 BST 2007

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Robert Collins пишет:
> I think we want a compact binary bundle format, with the human text
> overall delta just an ignored-prelude. We can check the prelude matches
> the binary data when processing, or encourage people to run the bundle
> through bzr... Alternatively we could have no human readable section but
> a specific mime type so mutt etc can get bzr to format it for human
> reading.
> AIUI we want bundles to have the following properties:
>  - compact representation
>  - able to be used without their contained data being added to
> repositories 
>  - fast to create
>  - fast to extract data from
> And we are building towards a repository format that:
>  - can discard derivable data
>  - is fast to use
>  - can be used for 'lightweight branches' aka 'history horizons' - where
> not all data is present, and we have a 'stacking api' to get at the
> missing data from somewhere else seamlessly.
> To me it makes sense that bundles should then be a
> 'branch-and-repository-in-a-file':
>  - one with the derivable data discarded
>  - one where the data within it has been stored in the most compact
> representation
>  - one that only contains partial history data
> This will meet the properties desired from bundles, and would allow us
> to remove the special-casing for pull/missing/merge etc from bundles
> (bundles would be detected as a control format so any command using
> BzrDir.open would work with them).

Make sense for me.

> If this is agreeable, I'll create a design document trying to ensure we
> have solid motivation and so on documented.

Please, do.


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