Progress on multiparent bundles

Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at
Thu Jun 14 00:28:45 BST 2007

Aaron Bentley wrote:

> Generation speed with also be improved when the new graph API branch is
> merged:
> currently, we spend 23.71% of our time in common_ancestor and 16.93% of
> our time doing a graph difference operation.  Both operations will
> become much faster with the new graph API.
> Bundle generation performance:
> CURRENT (0.9)
> $ time bzr bundle > /dev/null Using saved location: /mnt/bzr/bzrrepo/
> real    0m13.471s
> user    0m12.505s
> sys     0m0.366s
> NEW (multiparent/1.0alpha)
> $ time ./bzr bundle > /dev/null
> Using saved location: /mnt/bzr/bzrrepo/
> real    0m3.781s
> user    0m3.560s
> sys     0m0.126s

Sweet. Just confirming that the new Graph API will improve these time
even further? I read the above as suggesting that the gains to date are
independent of that work.

Ian C.

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