Problem pushing my repository

Nathan Samson nathansamson at
Wed Jun 13 19:08:49 BST 2007

On 6/13/07, Martin Pool <mbp at> wrote:
> On 6/12/07, Nathan Samson <nathansamson at> wrote:
> > nathan at alfa:~/public_html/mpp$ bzr push
> >
> > FTP username at password:
> > Failure during ftp PUT. Deleting temporary file.
> >
> > Failed to delete temporary file on the server.
> > File:
> > /bzr/site_mpp/.bzr/repository/knits/d1/login.php-
> 20070610192505-2xttz9bg43on9dl2-16.knit.tmp.1181579539.930294037.12189.168568321
> > FTP temporary error: 425 Can't open data connection.. Retrying.
> > bzr: ERROR: socket.error: (32, 'Broken pipe')
> Hi Nathan,
> It looks like either a network problem, or a bad interaction between
> Bazaar and your ftp server.  Do other Bazaar operations work?  Could
> you try using aftp://site to use "active" rather than "passive" ftp,
> please?  Is this error reproducible, and does it always happen at the
> same point?

It failed everytime (tried in total 6 times on 2 servers) but always on
other points.
It retried today but didn't add the 16M big directory with several big image
files (which aren't really necessary anyway)

It seems that it works perfectly now.

The main reason I added this error to the list is that it seems that bzr has
many (network) problems where it doesn't (try to) recover from. Maybe it
should try harder to recover from these problems?



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