(controversial) Renaming "bzr" => "bz"

Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Wed Jun 13 04:53:02 BST 2007

On Fri, 2007-06-08 at 09:29 -0500, John Arbash Meinel wrote:

> I feel like these are the main points:
> a) 'bz' is 2 characters instead of 3. Which is actually significant for a
> command that you type a lot. Especially something like "bz st" you can save a
> reasonable amount of finger time. Heck, on small trees typing "bz st" takes as
> long as it takes for the command to finish.

I don't buy this argument. Bzr is unlikely to be the most common command
used by developers -> vim and make come to mind. 

> b) bz is associated with bzip2 in most peoples heads. However they really are
> associating 'bz2', so I don't think it is a hard jump. It may make searching
> for "bz" a little bit harder in google. But the project is "Bazaar"
> c) I think "bz" is significantly easier to *say* than "bzr", but that isn't
> really a main point.

'buzz' rather than 'buzzah' ?

> d) Changing names is a difficult thing, we've been going through it with
> Bazaar-NG => Bazaar, and deprecating Baz 1.x. (Trying to distance ourselves
> from it). Also, we can't have a "bz" package, so we would have to rename the
> debian/gentoo/fedora/etc packages to really be "bazaar", which requires some
> conflicts against the existing Bazaar 1.x package. However, since we really
> need to fix that up anyway, this is a good time to fix up the command name, too.

I think we should only change the name if the new one really is better!
> Overall, I think I'm in favor of the command name change, I'll probably
> continue to use the alias, and see how it goes. Though probably it would be
> better for other people to do that, and report in, since I'm not the average user.

-0.9999... from me. (that is, I am not voting -1, but I'm as negative as
its possible to be without voting -1, and -0 indicates far too little

I don't think 'bz' has enough connection to 'Bazaar' myself.


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