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Wed Jun 6 20:09:59 BST 2007

seen one compelling reason for making this change. You could argue
that two letters is slightly better than three, but I believe short
keyboard stanzas become so automatic to the brain that it's not
even worth thinking about. Please leave it alone and don't mess with
the plenty of people who are already using this tool productively,
and for whom the stanza is already automatic.

There are plenty of other usability issues which could get
some attention instead.  One example for me:

bzr status

has several different sections, which can include at least
removed, added, modified, unknown.  Each one of these should
have a matching bzr command which has output usable by other=20
commands. "bzr unknowns" works, although to match should be=20
named "unknown" (or status output changed to "unknowns").=20
"bzr removed" doesn't work, we need to say "bzr deleted".=20
Why are these different? "bzr ignored", not represented by a
"status" section, does not have usable output (I can't do=20
"rm `bzr ignored`" because it has the rule along with the=20
filename; that's okay but should be an option, not the default).

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