release: paramiko 1.7.1

Robey Pointer robey at
Mon Jun 11 06:25:19 BST 2007

It's been several months, so it was time to release a new version of  
paramiko.  Also, I ran out of pokémon, so I'm starting the release  
codenames over again with the names of the children who died in  
Edward Gorey's "Gashlycrumb Tinies".  (Thanks to my boyfriend for the  
awesome idea!)

So, paramiko 1.7.1 "Amy" is released:

Mostly this just bug fixes and some additions to API calls.

v1.7.1 (Amy) 10jun07
   * windows SSH agent support can use the 'ctypes' module now if  
'win32all' is
     not available [patch from alexander belchenko]
   * SFTPClient.listdir_attr() now preserves the 'longname' field  
[patch from
     wesley augur]
   * SFTPClient.get_channel() API added
   * SSHClient constuctor takes an optional 'timeout' parameter  
[patch from
     james bardin]

Amy fell down the stairs.


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