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Thu Jun 7 17:56:40 BST 2007

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marc gonzalez-carnicer wrote:
> hi, thanks for the reply
>> This is a problem with vfat-on-linux, where the execute bit is assumed
>> to be meaningful.  Under Windows, we know it's not meaningful, so no
>> problem.
> fyi, i run bzr on windows through cygwin, so it feels
> like it's linux. and therefore the execute bit is significative

What does sys.platform contain?

> i chose to partition my pendrive with vfat and ext2
> partitions, but the windows machine can only mount
> vfat. cygwin can not mount any partition that is not
> vfat of ntfs. perhaps i should try having a ntfs on my
> pendrive. do you think it may work?

No, it won't solve your problem.  It's a problem with Windows
filesystems generally, not FAT32 in particular.

> i assume you did not understand my scenario and
> thought i only had linux machines ... :)

Well, on Windows, it's not "vfat", it's FAT32.  So yes, I thought we
were talking about fat32 partitions seen on Linux.

> perhaps a solution would be adding an option to
> bzr init so that the execute bit is not taken into
> account for status, diff, merge, etc

We ought to be able to determine this automatically under Cygwin.

I think that's better than explicit configuration.  Probably faster too,
since adding that kind of configuration would mean creating a new
revision of the working tree format.

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