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Thu Jun 7 02:00:01 BST 2007

Op woensdag 06-06-2007 om 14:22 uur [tijdzone -0500], schreef John
Arbash Meinel:
> (I personally filter if bazaar at or
> bazaar at is in the To or CC, and I've never had any
> false positives, though people tell me that isn't the "correct" way.
> I'm also not using gmail (cyrus sieve), so I don't know what it
> allows.) 

"List-Id:" is the better header to filter on, because that way for
crossposts to 2 mailing lists that you are subscribed to, you will get a
copy in the folder for each list (if you filter them in separate
folders, of course).

Jan Claeys

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