[ANNOUNCE] Webserve, new release

Goffredo Baroncelli kreijack at tiscalinet.it
Wed Jun 6 20:47:07 BST 2007

Hi all,

after few months of no-work, I restart the webserve develop.

Now I announce a new (major) release of webserve: a web interface for bazaar.
The branch is considered as development branch still, but I hope to release 
that branch as stable soon.

The major changes respect the previous stable one are:
- the code was redistributed in several files in order to avoid the old one 
monolithic file ( the old hgweb.py file was about 1900 lines )
- it was implemented a self test suite. Until now, 36 tests are implemented
- the HTML output was re-tested on the w3c sites in order to check the 
compatibility with the latest standard ( all the pages tested passed the 
control )
- a new changelog was implemented, in order to permit a better browsing of the 
   * the history is displayed from the latest revision, following
     the leftmost parent. So the merged revisions aren't displayed.
   * for every revision all parents are displayed. You can browse the log
     of merged revision, starting from any parent clicking on the [L] link. 
   * in every page is displayed also the "merge points" (where 
     exist ) of the displayed revisions
   * in the revision page, both the parents and the children are displayed
   * near the revision-id, the dotted revno is displayed also
- webserve now support tag (see 
http://goffredo-baroncelli.homelinux.net/bazaar-dev/test-repo?cmd=tags )

Comments are welcome, you can see ( and pull ) this interface in action at


the readme file is at:


For comparison pourpose you can see the old web interface at:


In any case you can browse all the branches at:


comments are welcome

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