Planet Bazaar...

Martin Pool mbp at
Tue Jun 5 10:10:23 BST 2007

Nick Moffitt kindly set up a Bazaar blog aggregator at

Incidentally the Planet software <> is
maintained in Bazaar, a fact we ought to mention on our Planet.

At the moment this only has my blog and Robert's.  I know John has one
too, and I'd like to add anyone who's active in Bazaar -- just send me
the url either on or off the list.

Like many other Planets, this one is set up to show all posts from the
participants, to give a feeling for what their other interests are.
We can probably set up a "strictly on-topic" post channel too if
that's desired.

The theme could do with a bit more love and a link back to the web
site.  I've linked it from the Community/Support page.


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