Windows-related ideas for bzr

Andrew Voznytsa andrew.voznytsa at
Mon Jun 4 23:34:25 BST 2007

> Andrew Voznytsa wrote:
> > Just found that 'bzr add/bzr rm -new' does not work (0.16). Link to full
> bug
> > report is
> As you'll note, I've had considerable difficulty convincing Andrew that
> - --new doesn't have anything to do with the message he's getting:
> "bzr: ERROR: Can't remove changed or unknown files"
> It is "bzr rm" that has changed behavior.  --new has nothing to do with
> it.
> Also, note that this feature (or misfeature, as I consider it) has
> caused him to downgrade.

Actually I didn't downgrade - just installed and tried 0.14 to find what is
different with 'rm --new' comparing to 0.16 - I remembered that 0.14 did not
asked to do any extra steps to remove newly added file.

And +2 cents: Bazaar is good in doing right things without extra options and
in intuitive way. Why not to drop 'bzr mkdir', 'bzr rm' (keep only this part
of 'bzr rm' which works with repository)? Less code, less bugs, the same
functionality because 'bzr mkdir' could be easy replaced by 'sh mkdir
dir;bzr add dir' (and it's more intuitive IMHO). If you leave 'bzr mkdir'
there then I'd expect to have 'bzr touch'/etc for consistency.
'bzr rm' with --safe or --force might be confusing in some cases. And as
with mkdir it could be replaced by 'bzr rm --keep foo;sh rm foo' if

Of course you can say that I can create alias for rm --keep and not use 'bzr
mkdir' at all - yes, I can. But since I started this discussion I'd make it
useful and help you improving bzr, if possible.

Just 2 cents.

Best regards,
Andrew Voznytsa

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