[MERGE] Faster commit

Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at internode.on.net
Mon Jun 4 16:41:02 BST 2007

Ian Clatworthy wrote:

> Looks like my testing was substandard - quite a few tests have indeed
> broken since the implicit locking was removed. I'll fix this, take out
> the message buffering (too contentious) and resubmit.
> Ian C.

Tests all passing again and message buffering backed-out. In the
interests of limiting risk, I've backed out the change where id2path()
locking went from implicit (done for the user) to explicit (expected to
be done by the user) - it broke too many tests as lots of calls use it
internally. Likewise, message writing to stdout changed to stderr rather
than change lots of commit tests.

Ian C.

PS: The performance improvements are still pretty good so I don't want
to hold back large gains for issues we can debate later.
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