[RFC] 0.17 themes and objectives

Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at internode.on.net
Wed May 23 12:45:40 BST 2007


At the London sprint, I was given the short straw - or honour depending 
on your viewpoint :-) - of being Release Manager for 0.17. As many of 
you know, I feel pretty strongly about regular releases which suggests 
0.17 ought to released (after a Release Candidate or two) in early June. 
But I'm also very aware that every release involves some overhead. In 
particular, I'm talking about the overhead adopters have in deciding if 
and when to upgrade. (There is also overhead on the core and plugin 
packaging side but we are far fewer than the user base.)

Looking over NEWS and bundlebuggy, I don't see a lot of reasons so far 
for adopters to want to upgrade to 0.17, assuming we packaged a Release 
Candidate soon. That's OK - there doesn't need to be a lot of reasons 
but there does need to be a *few themes* to any release: particular new 
features, higher quality, faster performance, whatever.

I'd therefore like to openly ask contributors about what they hope to 
land for 0.17. I'm happy for 0.17 to simply be a faster and better 
quality 0.16 if there are key issues addressed. I'm also happy for it to 
be more than that if time and risk permits.

Please speak up and let me know what you'd like to see 0.17 be and what 
time you need to realise those objectives.

Ian C.

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