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Lars Wirzenius liw at
Mon May 21 10:01:40 BST 2007

On su, 2007-05-20 at 17:03 -0400, Aaron Bentley wrote:
> Actually, I believe John Meinel is testing Bazaar with the FreeBSD tree.
>  No idea whether it's comparable in size, but I'd think roughly so.

The Debian etch source tree is 46 gigabytes, with approximately 3122649
filesystem objects, of which 2868448 are plain files, a total of about
one billion lines of text (according to wc), or about 351 lines per
file, on average.

> In any case, we do want to address excessive memory usage patterns and
> we'll be specifically testing for them in the coming months.

Cool. I'd be glad to occasionally re-run my test with newer bzr

> > Apart from size problems, both bzr and svn had trouble with some
> > filenames, specifically non-utf8 ones.
> AIUI, John recently relaxed the utf8 normalization code.  You may find
> that works now.

I'll give it a try one day when I'm less busy, thanks.

>   But it does seem like this should be a compatability
> knob.  I believe that out of Mac, Windows and Linux, only Linux supports
> non-utf8 paths.

I don't know about Mac OS X, but traditionally, any UNIX system has
allowed almost arbitrary filenames, caring only about the codes for
ASCII characters NUL, slash, and period. So I don't think Linux is the
only one, these days. :)

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