[MERGE] Conditionalize format warnings

Matthew D. Fuller fullermd at over-yonder.net
Fri May 18 08:15:36 BST 2007

Well, we went through several iterations on this, and nobody commented
on my last patch; therefore, I assume that it is in fact perfect, and
so mergeable    8-}

The main potential issue with this is that it could cause multiple
transports to be opened toward the target, which is in some ways a
step backward on a road that some people are already trying to step
forward on.  I've chosen to ignore this for a couple reasons:

1) It only happens when a format is listed to yell about being
   upgraded and you're in a place that's about to yell.  Currently,
   that's only on a WT format, which we don't access remotely (which
   is the main place that multi-transports are Nasty).  More broadly,
   it's a particular error condition, not part of the standard flow.

2) Avoiding the issue would require either severe rototilling of
   several levels of API, or completely changing how the messages are
   generated.  Neither thought gets me all giddy and anticipating.

Merge directive attached.

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