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Thu May 17 16:52:06 BST 2007

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Hi all,

I'm here in the London offices.  We've been spending a lot of time so
far on performance, and I'm seriously considering making performance my
primary focus for the next while.

Rightly or wrongly, performance on huge projects affects the number of
small projects that switch over to Bazaar.  One reason is that Bazaar's
advantages (i.e. usability) are harder to measure than raw performance
numbers.  Another is that large projects, which do care about
performance, are often opinion leaders.  In any case, it seems like to
be really successful, Bazaar must have performance that is at least
comparable to its competitors.

We've done a lot of good discussion on this, and I'm hopeful that by the
end, we'll have an implementation plan nailed down that gives us
incremental performance improvements, as well as more performant formats.

We haven't spent as much time talking about the Summer of Code projects
as I would like, but things seem to have finally slowed down enough
today.  You could say we've stopped yacking, and started hacking.

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