confused about init-repo and trees

Erik Bågfors zindar at
Fri May 4 10:01:37 BST 2007

--trees means that the branches in the repository will have a working
tree. It does not mean that they will automatically be updated when
you push something to them. You'll still have to go to the branch and
run "bzr update" for that to happen.


On 5/3/07, ml.bazaar-ng at
<ml.bazaar-ng at> wrote:
> Hi,
> So, I've been playing around with init-repo... and apparently I am
> confused about --trees and what that actually means.  I *thought* it
> means that when using checkouts, when you check something in, the
> working tree gets updated (and by working tree, I mean, the stuff
> outside of the .bzr folder).  Perhaps my definition of 'working tree' is
> inaccurate.
> This is what I have done:
> rhd at linux:~$ mkdir tmp
> rhd at linux:~$ cd tmp/
> rhd at linux:~/tmp$ ls
> rhd at linux:~/tmp$ bzr init-repo test-repo
> rhd at linux:~/tmp/test-repo$ bzr init proj1
> rhd at linux:~/tmp/test-repo$ cd ..
> rhd at linux:~/tmp$ mkdir test-work
> rhd at linux:~/tmp$ cd test-work/
> rhd at linux:~/tmp/test-work$ bzr checkout ../test-repo/proj1/ proj1
> rhd at linux:~/tmp/test-work$ cd proj1/
> rhd at linux:~/tmp/test-work/proj1$ echo "1st change" >> file.c
> rhd at linux:~/tmp/test-work/proj1$  bzr add file.c
> added file.c
> rhd at linux:~/tmp/test-work/proj1$ bzr commit -m "initial revision"
> added file.c
> Committed revision 1.
> rhd at linux:~/tmp/test-work/proj1$ ls ../../test-repo/proj1/
> rhd at linux:~/tmp/test-work/proj1$
> I would have expected ~/tmp/test-repos/proj1 to have 'file.c'.  Why
> doesn't it?  In order to get the files (so I can share them with other
> people, so they don't need to use bzr to do a checkout), do I have to
> push them to a different location?
> My goal is to share my repository (so anyone can branch), but also have
> the working files in there so anyone can download if they wanted.
> Thanks!
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>   robd at

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