Traceback in bzr difftools plugin when using external merge tool to compare two branches if branches contain symlinks

Stephen Ward at
Fri Apr 27 04:18:01 BST 2007


On Thursday 26 April 2007 10:52:45 pm Aaron Bentley wrote:
> Stephen Ward wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > The problem in this case is that the 'self.symlink_target' is not filled
> > in at the time '_put_on_disk()' tries to use it.
> Wait-- are you exporting a working tree?  Why not just use the working
> tree directly?

Ah, that may be the root of the problem.  I think my code is doing much the 
same thing for two use-cases that probably need to be handled separately: 

1) diffing two branches with working trees available
2) diffing two branches without working trees (remote or repository branches)

Interestingly, this error does not occur in the 2nd case. 

-- Steve

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