[MERGE][0.16][bug #110399] 'bzr status' and 'bzr diff' shouldn't recurse into unknowns

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Fri Apr 27 00:08:33 BST 2007

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Attached is the fix I wrote for Aaron earlier, only with a reasonable
test case for it.

I would have really liked to have written an 'intertree' test, since it
would mean that we would test for current and all future formats.
However, the only reasonable way I found to do it, was to monkeypatch
_walkdirs_utf8 so that we spy on what directories are processed.

And WT3 doesn't use walkdirs. I suppose one other possibility would be
to spy on os.lstat(), but that also seems a bit brittle. (You would need
to check that we *don't* stat certain files/directories, but what if
they use stat instead of lstat, or use the ext3 extensions, or we
re-implement it in C instead of python, etc.)

This is still a little brittle, but it is the best I could come up with.

The other possibility would be to create a subdirectory that would cause
it to "blow up" (like chmod 000 versioned/unversioned/bogus), which is
sort of the cause of Aaron's problem.

But doing a 'chmod 000' is also pretty ugly.

Does anyone know of a better way to test this?


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