[merge][#109613] don't set bugs property unless bugs are specified

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Wed Apr 25 16:49:50 BST 2007

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John Arbash Meinel пишет:
> John Arbash Meinel wrote:
>> John Arbash Meinel has voted +1.
> ...
>> ah, so maybe that is it. The *reading* code is doing:
>>                 key_end = property.find(': ')
>>                 assert key_end is not None
>> But there is no ': ' because we have ':\n'. And the assert isn't
>> trapping what it thinks it is, because key_end would be '-1', not None.
>> And that ends up generating
>> key = property[:-1].encode('utf-8') # Which should accidentally work
>> value = property[-1+2:] # Which is something like 'ugs:'
>> So yes, there is a bug for empty properties in the old serializer.
> So I have a question about how we should fix this. I see 2 possible fixes:
> 1) Fix the bundle reader to handle ':\n' properly as a property with an
> empty value.
> 2) Change the writer to emit ": \n" for empty properties.
> The nice thing about (2) is that it means bundles generated with a newer
> bzr will be readable by the (buggy) older bzr. The downside is that we
> then have significant trailing whitespace in our output, which is a bit
> ugly (and likely to be damaged by email transports).

It's damage comparable to problem with CRLF-ending lines in bundle,
so it's *just* another similar problem.
(and in hard cases I use gzipped_bundle plugin).

> (1) makes us compatible with ourselves, and with what older clients
> should generate, so I think it should be done regardless.

I'd like to have 1 and 2, because they both solve more problem than create.

> So do we try to maintain compatibility with a buggy reader? Or do we
> just move forward, and allow for the fact that empty properties aren't
> read properly by older versions of bzr?

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