selftest problem: No module named launchpad

Martin Pool mbp at
Wed Apr 25 09:52:37 BST 2007

On 4/25/07, Marius Kruger <amanic at> wrote:
> I tried to merge your bundle, but its not intact,
> I tried uuview and thunderbird to extract the diff properly,
> but still I get:
> $ bzr merge ../patches/others/20070425- no-plugins.diff
> bzr: ERROR: Testament did not match expected value.
>        For revision_id
> {mbp at},
> expected {ee9fe7c2a9f8d749c2e41a938423f821c13439f9},
> measured
>        {88e9660f4361c15213fd764eb8162c3f3db60fb2}
> please resubmit with [MEREG] in subject for bundle buggy,
> and mabe change the extention to .patch

As Alexander says, it's a bug - for now I suggest you just pipe it
through 'patch -p0', or merge from


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