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John Arbash Meinel wrote:


> This looks great. Regular directories are fine. You can lay them out
> however makes sense to you.
> There is:
> But that is more about how to use them, than how they should be laid out.
> Do you want to contribute to (a theoretical)
> There are a couple reasonable ways of laying one out depending on your
> needs.
> John
> =:->

I went ahead and created this page:

Undoubtedly it needs some cleanup, and other pages should be updated to
reference this page.

I tried to describe the layouts that I'm aware of, and give a little bit
of discussion why one might prefer one over the other.

All of this, however, is my opinion, and people are likely to disagree.
I would like the page to generally have a bit of "consensus" about what
is good/bad about different layouts.

By far the most common is the "SVN" layout, because SVN is more common
than Bazaar so most people are familiar and comfortable with it. (well,
that an the "all branches in a single directory" layout).

Eventually we should take the document and add it to the source tree
(doc/*.txt). But for now, I wanted to get feedback by putting it on the

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