[RFC] move tools to bzrlib.tools

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Wed Apr 18 05:50:10 BST 2007

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Robert Collins пишет:
> In the bzr source tree, tools/ has at some point become a python module.
> This means that it appears in the python search path as 'tools', but its
> part of bzr, so I think its better for it to be bzrlib.tools - this
> makes it easier to test them, and to reuse the code. If we dont want to
> install them, thats fine.
> I'd actually like to cleanup our root so that no files which can be
> imported by python (except 'bzrlib') are present in the root of our
> source tree. This would stop any funniness if you run 'python' in the
> root of the source tree.

'tools' is package because 'generate_docs.py' holds its modules in it.
Also it contains several scripts and helpers for creating docs and installers.
I think it should not be installed as part of bzrlib.

Also, Python 2.5 no more require presence of __init__.py to treat directory
as python package, so you need to consider 'contrib' as well.

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