[MERGE] Initial support for marking bugs as fixed using bzr

James Westby jw+debian at jameswestby.net
Fri Apr 13 17:36:01 BST 2007

On (13/04/07 17:19), Jonathan Lange wrote:
> On 4/13/07, James Westby <jw+debian at jameswestby.net> wrote:
> >Is it possible to set the default tracker for a branch? This would allow
> >--fixes 12345 to do the right thing, but --fixes lp:21345 to be used if
> >wanted?
> >
> I think it is both possible and desirable. However, I think that
> feature is best added in another merge.

Fair enough. I think that is the best approach.

> Thanks, I like this.
> I've taken the liberty of renaming "Simple" to "Unique", to better
> reflect the use case. I've also changed 'Bugtracker' to 'BugTracker'
> in class names, since it is properly two words.

Does this mean that you have merged my bundle?

> >Would it be possible to take these and make it easy to use a new one
> >that is simple like these. Like you do with the trac URLs, but just
> >define a generic URL. I wasn't sure on the best approach, so I thought I
> >would ask first.
> >
> I'm also not sure of the best approach, but think this would be a good idea.

I'll see if I can work on it sometime, if you haven't got to it first.

> >Did all the tests pass for you? I had a couple of problems, namely the
> >Option tests, where it appears the ListOption was causing some trouble.
> >
> Oops, no they didn't. test_options assumes things about the options
> taken by 'bzr commit'. Fixed now.



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