[MERGE] update FTPServer for VFS transport

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Thu Apr 12 22:28:10 BST 2007

John Arbash Meinel wrote:
> It seems the FTP tests aren't being run on PQM. I'm not positive about
> this, but it seems we have a version skew between FTPServer and what
> TestCaseWithMemoryTransport.get_server() expects.
> I'm going to try to work out a patch which gets the FTPServer working
> again, but after I do, we really should make sure PQM is actually
> running all of the tests. (I know there was an earlier problem with not
> having paramiko installed).
> John
> =:->

Well, I seem to be slightly misinformed. I don't know whether medusa is
installed (or not) on the PQM, but it seems that there are 2 apis for
using a TransportServer. One is the one used by
"TestTransportImplementation", and the other is used by

It seems that TestCaseWithTransport wants
self.transport_server().setUp() to take a VFS parameter, and
TestTransportImplementation wants self.transport_server().setUp() to not
take any arguments.

I was trying to help out Chris Niekel to set up an FTP Server so that he
can test his latest changes for using .netrc. And I was hoping to just
inherit from TestCaseWithTransport and set self.transport_server =

Anyway, the attached patch makes it possible to set a
TestCaseWithTransport.transport_server = FTPServer.

I'm also using the shiny new "Feature" code from Robert. Which tells you
"Missing feature 'medusa' skipped 1 tests."

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