[MERGE] rand_chars() optimization

Dmitry Vasiliev dima at hlabs.spb.ru
Thu Apr 12 13:22:56 BST 2007

John Arbash Meinel wrote:
>> On 3/14/07, Aaron Bentley <aaron.bentley at utoronto.ca> wrote:
>>> This patch, like most optimizations, reduces legibility.  So far, I
>>> haven't seen any evidence that it makes any Bazaar operation observably
>>> faster.  So to my mind, there's no justification for including it.
>> Yes, I'd like to see some evidence of an overall speedup.  I guess the
>> most likely place would be in adding many new files.
> Not likely, because we only generate 1 random character string, and then
> re-use it with a counter.

Ugh, I've completely forgot about this one. I propose to reject 
'rand_chars() optimization' patch because it was just dummy optimization 
which didn't affect real life use cases.

Dmitry Vasiliev <dima at hlabs.spb.ru>

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