Bazaar Developer Guide (Proposed)

Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at
Wed Apr 11 15:36:34 BST 2007


As I'm new around here and the questions/issues I had getting started 
with Bazaar as both a user and developer are still fresh, poolie and I 
felt it would be beneficial to cash in on my ignorance and put together 
some better doc, before I get too close to the internals. My general 
thinking is that reference doc ought to be managed as part of the code 
base but tutorial style docs are better done using Wiki technology.

Following this train of thought, I'd like to move the contents of 
HACKING into a Developer Guide on the Wiki. I'd also like to consolidate 
the various Wiki pages covering related material into this. A first cut 
at a Table of Contents can be found here:

If there's broad agreement on this approach and the result turns out as 
I hope, I'd like to do something similar for a User Guide, replacing the 
skeleton BzrBook page on the wiki. That's a whole different can of worms 
though so I'd to get the Developer Guide sorted first.

All feedback welcome.

Ian C.

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