Visual Studio integration

Klaus Hartke klaus.hartke at
Sat Apr 7 00:43:51 BST 2007


Aaron Bentley wrote:
> Klaus Hartke wrote:
> > * I'd love to have some kind of integrated issue tracking into Visual
> >   Studio, so you could create new work items from within the IDE and
> >   mark issues as being fixed when committing.
> One approach is the one Bugs Everywhere takes: storing the bug records
> as part of the source tree.  I'm the main author of Bugs Everywhere, and
> I use Bugs Everywhere to manage bugs for BzrTools.

This sounds quite intriguing. I especially like that the "bug closed"
information is part of a commit and therefore can be passed around
together with the respective fix.

How do handle merge conflicts? I guess you don't let the user have cd
into .be/bugs/b3726fa9-a1c5-42ee-8596-a08eb66f26e0, open values and do
the merge manually (for example, if two users change the status to
different values at the same time)?

I've started sketching out support for work item tracking in Visual
Studio. My implementation so far allows the addition of a "Work Item
Project" to any Visual Studio Solution [1]. The elements of the project
are not the work items themselves but user-definable queries for work
items, like "Bugs assigned to me" or "Feature requests added in the last
7 days" [2].


The code is available at 
Except for the new project type and the GUI it's not functional yet.

I'm a bit concerned about performance at the moment, since if you have a
large set of work items (= plain text files) running queries may take
quite a long time. Maybe a solution would be to import all bugs into a
local non-versioned relational database?


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