Sorting bugmail from the Bazaar project

Elliot Murphy elliot at
Fri Apr 6 15:05:19 BST 2007


I think there are two kinds of bug mail notifications that get sent from
the Launchpad Bazaar project. One because I'm personally involved with a
bug somehow (reporter, subscriber, assignee, etc). The other because I
am a member of the Bazaar Developers team in Launchpad.

Unfortunately, I can't tell these mails apart, and I'd really like to be
able to sort them for handling at different priorities. I want to
process mails for a bug that I'm personally involved with much sooner
(daily) than I look at the bug mails for the overall project (weekly). I
also like to keep the mail delivered directly to my inbox limited to
things which require a personal response from me because I sometimes
handle mail from the IMAP client on my phone.

I think what is happening is that because there is no "Bug Contact"
assigned for the Bazaar project, general bug mail is sent directly to
all people who are in the Bazaar Developers team (which is the owner or
registrant of the Bazaar project). Bug mail because I am personally
involved with a bug is also sent directly to me.

Would it be possible to create a bazaar-bugs@ mailing list, and set that
as the bug contact for the bazaar project?

If this was done, then general bug mail from the Bazaar project would be
To: bazaar-bugs@, while mail for bugs I'm personally associated with
would still be To: me@

Alternatively, I'm happy to hear suggestions about how others have
solved this problem. I'll paste the relevant snippet from my .procmailrc

# force anything TO or CC me into inbox
* ^TOelliot

# Bug emails coming from launchpad projects are marked with
# a special X-Launchpad-Bug header, which contains the product
# name. Sort these mails into a bug/product/ set of folders.
# this recipe is before the various project mailing lists
# so it will filter out bug mail from the project list in cases
# where the bug mail is sent to the general discussion list
* ^X-Launchpad-Bug: product=\/[^;]+


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