Sprint progress: hpss breakout and readiness

Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Wed Mar 28 10:32:30 BST 2007

So the sprint is coming along well. 

Of major interest to me is our progress on the hpss - and here we have
some good news: over half the outstanding failures from Monday have been
fixed, we're now down to:
FAILED (failures=14, errors=26)

We've split out a number of things from the hpss branch
(sftp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bzr/bzr/hpss or
http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bzr/bzr/hpss) and hope to split out more
tomorrow. I'm currently reviewing the changes made to the test suite to
be more RemoteObject friendly (mainly fixing tests that were not clear
about what they needed to test, to be more clear). Andrew is working on
pulling the failing test count to be lower still.

hpss is definately ready for people to play with!. Right now I dont
think there are actual bugs lurking in the last 40 failing tests.

To play with it, be aware that the smart server in the hpss branch is
compatible with clients from 0.14 and 0.15, but *the client* in the hpss
branch is not compatible with bzr 0.15 or 0.14's smart server. We're not
currently planning to fix this: the advice will be to upgrade the server
before the client, because coding in fallbacks across all the hpss
semantic work does not gain much : but if someone wants to do that ....
- or just tell us that it really matters?

So you should upgrade the bzr on the server end to the hpss, or install
it in your homedir and set BZR_REMOTE_PATH (as per doc/server.txt).

Right now the server should give a moderate performance boost, and I'll
be starting on performance work once all tests pass (end of the week we

As Martin said, I think that an initial first-push and first-pull that
just tar up the repository subdir and hand it over the wire is a fine
approach - it will be better than our current latency bound one in
nearly every case, including most cases where there are mixed projects
in a single repo (and perhaps we'll perform the clone on the server
side, and only tar the resulting repo, to accomodate this).

I'd love to see folk jumping into the smart server code, so tomorrow
I'll try to do up a new HOWTO for getting started on the current code
base - its improved a lot since I last documented it


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