sydney mini-sprint, kickstarting 0.16, roadmap for 0.16

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Tue Mar 27 15:54:27 BST 2007

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John Arbash Meinel wrote:
> Aaron Bentley wrote:
>> Robert Collins wrote:
>>> hpss first-pull optimisation
>>> hpss first-push optimisation
>> In terms of hpss optimisation, it might be worth looking at Monotone's
>> netsync protocol.  Apparently, they're able to use Merkle Tries to
>> determine the missing revisions without sending a lot of revisions.  I
>> can't say much more, as I don't know that math very well.

> I think it makes the most sense for them, because they are already
> working on sha hashes for revision handles.

Do you mean because each revision includes the hashes of its parents?

> Mercurial uses "branch-points" based on what "heads" are currently
> present in a repository:

When we had the Mercurial meetup, they were looking to replace that-- to
find something that would scale well to a million revisions.  We looked
at bloom filters
but Nathaniel Smith later suggested the Merkle Tries they use.

> 2) We really want to leverage the ancestry aspect, I also think we can
> have a dialog between client and server. Where the client could say "I'm
> interested in what you have, and here is a sampling of what I have". And
> the server can use that to give ideas of what to request.

A bloom filter could be used there.  If you are only doing a "sampling",
you may be able to get acceptable error rates with less than 500K.

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