Bazaar conference in London instead?

John Arbash Meinel john at
Mon Mar 26 16:59:30 BST 2007

Martin Pool wrote:
> Claire from Canonical tells me that our shiny new London (Millbank)
> office will be in operation before then, and has some good dedicated
> sprint space.  We're discussing whether to hold our sprint there
> instead.
> So
> * if you really think it should be in Amsterdam (more than just "i
> like Amsterdam", like you can't come to London), please say so

Well, it isn't much more than "i like Amsterdam", but I've been to
London, and haven't been to Amsterdam, and would prefer to go somewhere new.

But I don't have any strict reasons why I couldn't go to either place.

> * best not to make any travel bookings for the next couple of days
> til it's clear.


PS> Isn't Amsterdam closer to AU? So you wouldn't have to fly as long
(again, not a very strong reason... :)

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