bzr-svn : Unable to load plugin 'svn'

Erik de Castro Lopo erikd+bzr at
Mon Mar 26 02:53:31 BST 2007

Hi all,

Doing a simple "bzr status" command I get this:

    Unable to load plugin 'svn' from '/home/user/.bazaar/plugins'

The ~/.bzr-log is below. The bzr-svn plugin works correctly on
a Feist machine (Python 2.5) but fails on a Dapper machine 
(Python 2.4). 

The Bzr version is idential on both machines; version 0.16.0dev0 
pulled this morning from

Any help appreciated.


bzr arguments: [u'status']
looking for plugins in /home/erikd/.bazaar/plugins
[16401] Mon 11:47:42.572 WARNING: Unable to load plugin 'svn' from '/home/usr/.bazaar/plugins'
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/usr/Local/lib/python/bzrlib/", line 180, in load_from_dir
    exec "import bzrlib.plugins.%s" % name in {}
  File "<string>", line 1, in ?
  File "/home/usr/.bazaar/plugins/svn/", line 83, in ?
  File "/home/usr/.bazaar/plugins/svn/", line 56, in check_subversion_version
ImportError: No module named

looking for plugins in /home/usr/Local/lib/python/bzrlib/plugins
Plugin name __init__ already loaded
Plugin name __init__ already loaded
encoding stdout as sys.stdout encoding 'ANSI_X3.4-1968'
opening working tree '/home/usr/Proj/arbitrator'
got branch format Bazaar-NG branch format 5
check paths: None
return code 0

  Erik de Castro Lopo
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