Interop between case insensitive file systems and case sensitive file systems

Andrew King eurokang at
Mon Mar 19 22:26:49 GMT 2007


This morning I had a problem. Someone else on linux accidentally
created a file with virtually the same name as an existing file,
differing only by the first letter. This was fine under linux, however
obviously as soon as people starting pulling on windows, things broke

I found the following document for describing an approach for bzr for
supporting case insensitive filesystems:

However, I don't think this document goes far enough. The problem I
had this morning is not the problem that that document is solving.

I instead think it must be necessary in the long term to be able to
create a repository with an option or something
--normalised-file-names, that will not allow and to be
added in the same location. Otherwise, the problem I had this morning
(which I could only solve by reverting) will never be able to be


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