[MERGE][BUG] 51980: bzr log <file>returns inappropriate revisions

Kent Gibson warthog618 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 13:05:27 GMT 2007

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Kent Gibson wrote:
> I tried something like that originally. It was better than the
> deltas approach, but no where near as fast Robey's approach -
> fileids_altered_by_revision_ids is sufficiently slow that it has a
> progress bar. And the output was the same, at least for the
> examples I checked at the time. No merge commits in either.
> Worryingly, I just compared the output of the two approaches on
> NEWS and the fileids_altered_by_revision_ids approach returned a
> few revisions LESS. Note sure if that means the patch returns
> incorrect revisions, or fileids_altered_by_revision_ids is missing
> some. More investigation required, but at least one of them is sure
> to be wrong, if not both.
I've dug a little deeper on this.
The get_weave approach returns some extra revisions compared to the
fileids_altered_by_revision_ids approach:

lalo at exoweb.net-20050914052213-2aa5c1005959abdf
lalo at exoweb.net-20050915151611-86c5de4298bb71f9
robertc at robertcollins.net-20050919044328-0205c679f3051340
robertc at robertcollins.net-20050912143501-941cc76acb5be086
aaron.bentley at utoronto.ca-20050918214753-129f45a74b8af9f2
abentley at panoramicfeedback.com-20050914165444-335a16dc80f7c129
mbp at sourcefrog.net-20050912082124-c6b174bd5d971cc0
robertc at robertcollins.net-20050914172314-4c220f175bb62fe0
robertc at robertcollins.net-20050912123958-7982e808f291f439
mbp at sourcefrog.net-20050916033244-18c4f4bcba663e42
robertc at robertcollins.net-20050919060519-f582f62146b0b458
john at arbash-meinel.com-20050918014804-c652edd3718c6498
aaron.bentley at utoronto.ca-20050919023309-24e8871f7f8b31cf
robertc at robertcollins.net-20050914151159-2986150cde2d744a
lalo at exoweb.net-20050913095212-210555d61a893f1e

They appear to be merges or commits that do not directly change NEWS,
so the get_weave is returning spurious entries. e.g.
abentley at panoramicfeedback.com-20050914165444-335a16dc80f7c129 is just
a change to commands.py.
The interesting thing is that they are all from the same time frame -
mid Sept 2005.
Could it be there is something amiss with revisions from that time?

I'm happy to pursue this, but Sept 2005 is well before I met bzr, and
my knowledge of weaves is near zero, so if anyone can shed some light
it would be appreciated.


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