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Robert Collins пишет:
> I'd like us to consider overhauling the concept of fileids. I think
> fileids serve an important purpose, in letting us unambigously talk
> about a versioned path in multiple trees when it has been
> renamed/deleted/etc. But as currently defined they restrict us nearly as
> much as they simplify our code for merge etc.
> So here are a few ideas that I have about the shape of a new tool, which
> I'll call path tokens, to avoid confusion with file ids [a better name
> is welcome]. I dont intend on talking about implementation yet - partly
> because I dont have one in mind, but mainly because I want us to agree
> on the *goals* first: theres no point talking about an implementation
> until we agree on what we want to achieve. I propose a multi step plan
> to tackling this problem:
>  - identify the problems/use cases to solve.
>  - design acceptable semantics for the new functionality that we've
> decided we want to solve.
>  - design an implementation that can supplant/extend file_ids to deliver
> the agree semantics.
>  - go forth and implement.
> Now, if we agree on the above *in principal*, I'll put this up
> somewhere, and move onto the next step (defining the semantics of the
> new features).


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