[ANN] Bzr config uitilty 0.3.1

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Wed Mar 14 10:43:12 GMT 2007

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Marius Kruger пишет:
> I played around with it a bit:
>     * run bzr-config.py
>     * add alias "w = whoami" (with bzr-config)
>     * save
>     * check bazaar.conf and see the alias is added (but with no newline
>       after it and no blank line at the end of the section)
>  I haven't debugged this in detail but I have a sneaky suspicion
> that this is related to the disappearing newlines at the end of bazaar.conf

Good catch. I've added explicit newline at the end of config file,
and now it seems to working OK. Can you try attached patch for trunk?
(For some reason launchpad still don't resync http mirror
with my sftp-hosted branch).

There is one dependency on bzrlib internals to store values
from General page, and I need to fix this as well.
It's actually bug in ConfigObj (or bzrlib?) with not adding
trailing \n when writing.

> It could also be a line-ending issue (windows='\r\n' vs linux='\n')

No, config file is saved in binary mode and contains LF-only line-endings.

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