[MERGE] pull and merge commands can use merge directives

Martin Pool martinpool at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 04:55:15 GMT 2007

bb gives me an error; i was trying to say:


Well, I think being able to feed them into merge and pull would be very nice.

I am a bit concerned by read_bundle_or_directive- couldn't we just
somehow return a single type of object that does either thing?

+def read_bundle_or_directive_from_url(url, _do_directive=True):
     """Read a bundle from a given URL.

     :return: A BundleReader, may raise NotABundle if the target
             is not a proper bundle.

That return description is not true.

The help for merge-directive, pull and merge should probably say that
you can do this.

I don't understand what it means to give -r and a directive file, and
that should be in the help too.


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