[MERGE] Cleanup and test Lock objects

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Wed Mar 14 01:23:22 GMT 2007

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John Arbash Meinel пишет:
> The attached patch cleans up the bzrlib/lock.py file a bit, and adds
> direct test for our Lock support.
> I still have more to do to make locks properly exclusive on Linux. But
> because that is a behavior change, I wanted to submit this first.
> This also implements Windows locks using ctypes if pywin32 is not
> available. It turns out that msvcrt locks don't support creating a
> shared lock, so we can no longer use them.

One more thing.
Usually I have pywin32 installed, and ctypes too.
It will be great if we have the way to test both implementations
in one selftest run, without manual hiding/renaming/uninstalling pywin32.
What you think about?

May be we can do in similar way as with different http transports,
and test each available lock implementation by explicit name.
In this case (IIUC) each lock implementation should have their
unique name for direct access from test code.

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