Add global option --root=dir to specify location of .bzr

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Mon Mar 12 17:54:05 GMT 2007

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Jari Aalto wrote:
> John Arbash Meinel <john at> writes:
>> There will probably be a couple conflicts where files modified in the
>> dev branch show up as deleted in the published branch. But they
>> shouldn't be very hard to resolve. In my testing it versions a foo.OTHER
>> file, and marks a conflict for 'foo'.

> Yes that would work. It however requires to set up similar structure
> for every current an ongoing project and doing rm+merge command +
> conflict resolution.

As long as you're merging subsets into supersets, you shouldn't have to
deal with any merge bogosities, except for the first merge.

If you can set up your directories so that each owner controls a
different subdirectory, then you can use nested-by-reference trees for
this, e.g.

/project/ <- containing tree
/project/developer <- subtree
/project/publish <- subtree

With this set-up, commits in /project will also affect /project/publish
and /project/developer, but you can "publish" /project/publish separately.

> What do you think about generalizing the bzr enought to accomodate any
> ROOT and any user setting?

I'm not in favour of it.

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