Bazaar conference planning

Martin Pool martinpool at
Mon Mar 12 13:46:31 GMT 2007

Wouter writes:

> Any ideas on when that sprint would be? I plan to attend debconf (10-23
> june) and europython (9-11 july).

So, what should we do, when and where?

The code phase of the  Google Summer of Code runs from May 28 to August 20.
The Ubuntu Developer Summit will be from 6-11 May in Sevilla, Spain.
Robert, at least, is going to that and would like our sprint to adjoin

Are there university or work holidays that make some days better than others?

Steve Alexander has suggested we should meet it again in Amsterdam,
apparently it was nice for the last meeting, it's close for many
developers and I would like to see Amsterdam. :-)

I will try to have Canonical sponsor travel for developers who'd like to come.


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