[MERGE] HTTP redirection

Aaron Bentley aaron.bentley at utoronto.ca
Sun Mar 11 15:08:27 GMT 2007

Aaron Bentley has voted +1.
Status is now: Semi-approved
A few text cleanups wouldn't hurt:

+class TestCaseWithRedirectedWebserver(TestCaseWithTwoWebservers):
+   """A support class providing redirections from one server to 
+   We setup two webservers to allows various tests involving

Should be "set up".

+def do_catching_redirections(action, transport, redirected):
+    """Execute an action with given transport catching redirections.
+    This is a facility provided for callers needing to follow 
+    silently. The silent is relative: it is the caller responsability 
+    inform the user about each redirection or only inform the user of a 
+    via the exception parameter.
+    :param action: A callable, what the caller want to do while 
+                  redirections.
+    :param transport: The initial transport used.
+    :param redirected: A callable receiving the redirected transport 
and the
+                  RedirectRequested exception.
+    :param exception: The exception raised if too much redirections 

Should say: The "silent" is relative: it is the caller's responsibility

It could also be changed to: The silence is relative...

Also, the documentation of the exception parameter should be removed.

+        # Loop exited without resolving redirect ? Either the
+        # user has kept a very very very old reference or a loop
+        # occured in the redirections.  Nothing we can cure here:
+        # tell the user. Note that as the user has been informed
+        # about each redirection (it is the caller responsibility
+        # to do that in redirected via the provided
+        # redirection_notice). The caller may provide more
+        # informations if needed (like what file or directory we
+        # were trying to act upon when the redirection loop
+        # occured).

Should say "information", not "informations" and "occurred", not 

For details, see: 

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