a Windows installation problem as user plus two questions...

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Sat Mar 10 15:12:40 GMT 2007

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Stefano Spinucci пишет:
> I'm on windows 2000 (as user w/o admin privileges), I have downloaded
> the last packag for windows and trying to install I got the error "You
> must be logged in as an administrator when installing this program".

I checked this and I confirm this effect.
Thank you for raising this question. You can file the bug report,
but I definitely take into account your question in next release.

> Some questions:
> (1)
> there is a way to install/unpack the package on my work machine (NO
> admin privileges)???

AFAIK, there is some plugin for FAR file manager (see http://farmanager.com/?l=en)
to open LZMA-compressed Inno Setup installers, but I never use it myself.
Actually it means: most likely "no" than "yes".

But I could create installer for next release (0.15) without requiring
admin privileges to install it.
I don't see any reason why Bazaar should not work after non-admin installation.
I will test it on my Windows 2000 machine, and if this actually some troubles
with non-admin installation, I could provide standalone bzr.exe packed
to zip archive without installer for manual installation.

> I thought to do an installation on my home machine, and "move" the
> installation dir to my work machine...

Bazaar installation is fully self-contained and don't copy any files
to Windows system directory, so it's safe to move installed copy
of Bazaar (from C:\Program Files\Bazaar) to any machine.
(AFAIK, Mercurial's installer did copy some dlls to Windows system
directory, but this is another project, so I'm not sure).

Probably you need to download and copy to Bazaar installation directory
the MFC71.dll (see http://bazaar-vcs.org/WindowsInstall for details).
This dll required only for SFTP support.

> (2)
> there are (big and/or subtle) problems to store a repo on a FAT32
> formatted usb key and another repo on a network disk (without an
> assigned unit letter)???

Actually -- NO PROBLEMS.
There is absolutely NO problems to store repo on any disk.
Bazaar supports usual hard drives, USB flash disks, UNC shared
network locations, and even file network protocols as SFTP/FTP.

I personally use USB flash disk to move my changes between work
and home computer: I have shared repository initialized on my flash,
and I need only push/pull to sync between machines.

I'm also recommend to use repo-push plugin for this task.
It help me a lot!

> PS
> subversion served me well for many months (unpack as user, fat32 and
> network storage) but it's not a dvcs, and it doesn't fit my needing
> anymore...

I understand your pain.
I hope you will like Bazaar as many of us.

And this is my personal observation (not only because Mercurial is our
competitor): bzr works much better on Windows system. Frankly.

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