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Fri Mar 9 00:29:46 GMT 2007

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Hey Aaron-

I'm doing some debugging on win32 for handling the executable bit, and
we still have some problems. I think the problem is that whatever
workaround we had stopped working with dirstate.

The attached patch fixes it for me on win32, but I'm wondering if the
fix seems reasonable.

Basically, the problem is that TreeTransform is generating a new
inventory, and when doing so, it is setting InventoryFile.executable
based on what it has in self._new_executability.

We could certainly change it to "if file_status == 'modified' or
sys.platform == 'win32':"

So it would only always set the executability on win32. Certainly it
seems like it is causing us to update every file on disk, which we don't
want to do.

I'm going to keep digging, since I feel like there should be a different
fix. But I wanted to get some feedback on this one.

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