rethinking the plugin load order change

John Arbash Meinel john at
Thu Mar 8 17:01:27 GMT 2007

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Robert Collins wrote:
> The plugin load order change has made it considerably harder for me to
> test multiple versions of bzr, *and* have any plugins in my
> ~/.bazaar/plugins folder.
> Previously, I could link into the bzrlib/plugins subdir of a given bzr
> version, the plugin versions I wanted to test with, and they took over
> from whatever HEAD versions I have in ~/.bazaar/plugins.
> Now however, I need to manually override the plugin path on every
> command.
> I realise its not insurmountable, but its pretty annoying, when it used
> to work seamlessly before.
> -Rob

I do understand your concern, and I think it would be good to support
your use case as best as we can. However, I think developers like us are
in the minority, versus people who will be using bzr in an environment
that they don't have access to /usr/lib but want to install a newer
version of a plugin.

One argument might be to have a default site location for plugins,
rather than /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/bzrlib/plugins/*

And then it could be a 3-tier. Load from bzrlib/plugins, then from user,
then from site-wide.

At the moment, though we only have 2 locations, so bzrlib/plugins should
be underneath user plugins. Otherwise users have no way to override site
installed plugins.


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