building packages from bzr?

Jari Aalto jari.aalto at
Thu Mar 1 17:06:13 GMT 2007

James Westby <jw+debian at> writes:

> On (26/02/07 12:31), Martin Pool wrote:
>> I think there was discussion a while ago about bzr-buildpackage (??) or
>> tools for maintaining packages in Bazaar.
>> I do know of
> I can add which is a shortened
> version of the README in bzr-builddeb.

Could you read it through and fix some typos where command line exmaples
are somehow at the same line, like this:

  "Creating Package"

  $ echo "[BUILDDEB]" > ~/.bazaar/builddeb.conf $ $EDITOR ~/.bazaar/builddeb.conf

I don't have Ubuntu Wiki Login to do it myself.

2) The debian page seems to
refer to non-existing package python-deb822

Could ou also take a look at it. It refers to bzr 0.11 etc.

Otherwise I would be interested the bzr-buildpackage, but haven't get
a chance to install (I tried once long time ago, but failed to get it up)


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